RidgeRun develops and maintains several open source projects usefull on embedded systems. Many of the projects are used in commercial products but others are just work in progress. Please contact RidgeRun if you need commercial support for any of these technologies.


GStreamer Daemon: gstd

Gstd is a GStreamer framework controlling audio and video streaming using D-Bus messages. Qt applications, web interfaces, and GStreamer element test suite show different ways the framework can be utilized.

Status: Stable

Image Pipe Daemon: ipiped

ipiped is a daemon with DBus API to control the image processor on some Texas Instruments SoCs. It also provides AEW/AE algorithms when used with libraries with this algorithms

Status: Stable

GStreamer USB Elements: gst-plugin-usb

This is a GStreamer plugin that provides elements for connecting pipelines between embedded systems using USB connections

Status: work in progress